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Gold Rush Stories:

Gold Dust Bags at the Stone House Museum, Belchertown, MA

Gold Dust Bags at the Stone House Museum, Belchertown, MA

Barr, Edwin C.: Restaurateur

Booth, Edmund W.: Deaf Forty-Niner

Bugbee, B. N.: Raisin King

Burnett, Enoch & P. W.: Builders

Chapman, Dr. Thomas Luce: Longmeadow Doc

Chenery, Richard: California Merchant
(Courtesy of “Tramps of San Francisco”)

Clappe, Louise Amelia, aka “Dame Shirley”

Clark, Asa Bement: Kept a Journal

Cummings, Charles Henry

Friedrich, Adolph: Disaster Survivor

Goodells and the Gold Rush

Gray, Nathaniel & Emeline: Faith & Charity

Harkness, Dr. Harvey W.: Man of Science

Harkness, Martin K.: Man of the Mines

Harthan, Lucius Edwin

Hatch, James Byers: Sea Captain

Mason, Bradford S.

Mason, Primus P.: Springfield Benefactor

Mellen, Henry D.: Letter to “Sophy”

Phelon, Capt. Henry Augustus: A Life of Adventure

Rankin, Ira & Caroline: Civic-Minded People

Richmond, Josiah A.: The Forty-Niner’s Story

Robinson, Dr. Charles: Kansas Governor

Sime, Lucy (King) & Christopher

Starkweather, Charles Graves: Stockton Rancher

Thomas Thomas: Man About Town

Tower, Levi H. of the Tower House

Van Horn, Thomas

Wells, Francis A.: Disaster Survivor

White, Andrew Judson

Winkley, William P.



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